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Hey friend, I'm a NYC based actor, writer, sketch comic, voice over artist, filmmaker, Sabermetric proponent, rare Mp3 collector, polyglot, and retired hype man.

Ten years on staff as writer and performer for Live Wire Radio with Luke Burbank, distributed by Public Radio International (PRI).

I have a white belt in every martial art, all in spotless condition.

Suge Knight still owes me forty bucks.








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Since 2005, I have written sketch comedy for Live Wire Radio.

The show, which airs on Oregon Public Broadcasting as well as in Seattle, Austin and select markets across the country was about a year old when a co-worker recommended I audition. I think the first thing I wrote was a Shakespearean Used Horse Commercial (“Now is the winter of our discontinued models”…). I’ve, uh… gotten better since then... You can listen to roughly over four hundred sketches I wrote at LiveWireRadio.org.

For a few years I worked on a smattering of comedic short films with the collective Cinema Syndicate as a director and writer. One of those films played at the Cannes Film Festival in 2007. My mom thinks that’s pretty “neat”.

This is a new web-series project spearheaded by Courtney Eck and the gang at Two Penguins. It’s produced through French Kiss Records and Arrested Development’s David Cross. It’s basically two pathetic hipsters forced to get a new roommate when their old one’s cat becomes internet-famous. It was also recently featured in an LA Weekly article.

Here some of my favorite episodes:

Sometimes a movie just begs for a live stage adaptation.

And this wasn’t one of them. But fuck it, we did it anyway! Co-writer Jason Rouse and I conquered Portland crowds with our adaptation of Ted Kotcheff’s 1989 immortal masterpiece. There’s talk of bringing it back in case you missed it, so cross your fingers.

Wrote for Oregon Ballet Theater for their “Peter and the Wolf” show (sometimes you gotta write for the ballet before Maureen Dowd will go out with you).


Soap Street Theater was a play created by Eric Reid in which 5 actors would play 12 characters over the course of six weeks. It was basically a six hour play with each week being an installment, kinda like a serialized soap opera. I was the head writer for their second season.


I wrote an original theater piece for a fundraiser called NIGHTFALL. Check it out:


And you can’t get really become an alcoholic writer without taking a stab at pugilism.

I wrote for the Oregonian newspaper covering the UFC. Here are some articles that they actually printed onto newspaper. Google “newspaper” if you don’t know what that is.

And it’s a bit dated, but a perk of that job was I got to do a sit-down interview with the UFC President, Dana White:

UFC 102: An interview with Dana White


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