Sean McGrath is a writer, director, editor, occasional actor, voice-over guy, unflappable playwright, retired stand-up comedian (full pension), once-and-future podcaster, and lister of professions.

Ten years as a writer and performer for Live Wire Radio! with Luke Burbank! (Public Radio International), Sean is also a founding member of Sweat Sketch Comedy, Cinema Syndicate, head writer of Soap Street Theater Season 2, and is the director and writer of Bath Night Comedy.

Additionally, his work has appeared in The Oregonian, “Planet Money”, French Kiss Records TV, Oregon Ballet Theater, the Cannes Film Festival, San Francisco Sketch Fest, Chicago Sketch Fest, and in a bevy of online publications.

There’s more to say, but this is enough.

Sean lives in New York City with a few hearty plants, the ghost of a cat and 200 CDs he refuses to abandon.

He’ll do some impressions if you ask: